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Global Star Capital is Your Gateway to Project Funding  


Global Star Capital offers an exciting opportunity for brokers/intermediaries world wide to affiliate with our firm under a new and improved format. Our proven protocol and system is in high demand worldwide by project principals, and we have just moved into our 24th year in 2015.

When representing project principals in acquiring their investment capital needs, the opportunities we have now created for brokers/intermediaries to earn income and more importantly represent their clients correctly cannot be matched.

We are a successful firm with clients in more than 100 countries. Our representation of projects and their solvent principals is recognized and demanded by extremely wealthy private entities and facilitators for their capital investments.

From our expertise, brokers/intermediaries now have two choices from which to improve their skills and create a better client base. This will ultimately result in a better chance for success, both for their businesses and their clients, as they will be prepared to submit projects to Global Star Capital for consideration of funding assistance which is paramount.

If you would like more information on our two options for brokers/intermediaries, please send an email to with the following subject line: "Broker/Intermediary Program". Be sure to include your full name, address, Skype address and all telephone contact information in the body of the email. You will then be contacted by our Director of New Client Relations - Cathy Evangelista via email with information and instructions within 24 hours of your inquiry.

















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